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Trilogy provides a vetted, comprehensive directory of services that enables consumers to quickly locate local programs and resources and make informed choices about what they need. We begin with data provided by the client and then acquire, collect and assemble any additional data specific to the region and target audience as required. We evaluate this data in partnership with the client and make any necessary improvements/additions until the data is deemed launch-ready. Trilogy will then continually maintain the Service Directory for our customers to ensure accurate information for their users.


Offer quick reference to all local emergency and crisis intervention programs in your area.


Network of Care eLearning delivers simple online training and education for professionals working in government agencies and the public sector.


Delivers a complete, continuously updated array of Health Indicators that enable policy makers to assess needs, evaluate local impact, and refine strategy.

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Housing
  • Military Services
  • Employment
  • Veterans Services

Trilogy assembles more than 30,000 high-quality articles, fact sheets and interactive tools written by leading experts and organizations in their fields. Articles are available for online viewing, printing, posting and emailing. Our Learning Center section includes consumer-friendly content and tools, focused on health promotion, education, early intervention and prevention. Trilogy continually maintains, updates and expands our Library content. Spanish content is available, as well as machine translation of all articles.


The Network of Care Call Center combines an easy-to-use and customize interface with built-in reporting tools to enable providers to manage call centers efficiently, serve their clients more effectively, and spend their budget wisely.

  • Make accurate referrals using the Network of Care Service Directory
  • Send automatic email referrals and schedule follow up calls
  • Review call history and details
  • Export pre-built and custom reports to Excel or PDF formats

An optional secured section where any Network of Care visitor can create a private “folder” of medical and legal information as well as store "Favorite" pages from the Network of Care.

  • Links
  • Support & Advocacy
  • Nationwide News
  • Legislate Data

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Network of Care outreach for behavior health expands in Wisconsin — Brown County joins Connection N.E.W. Mental Health website
Oct 10, 2018

GREEN BAY, Wis. (Nov. 13, 2017) – In the latest expansion of the Network of Care for Behavioral Health, the tri-county in Northeast Wisconsin soon will grow to include Brown County.

The Network of Care for Public Health Goes Live in Denver
Aug 21, 2018

DENVER, Colo. (Aug. 21, 2018) The Area Agency on Aging at the Denver Regional Council of Governments has launched the Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness program.

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The Network of Care utilizes the Internet for social good by providing fast and easy access to comprehensive community services, information, support, and assistance on a localized level to millions of people nationwide. The goal of the Network of Care is to ensure "No Wrong Door" exists for those in need of social services and provide trusted information for anyone interested in making better decisions about the health and well-being of themselves and those around them.

Starting with a pilot project in the area of aging and long-term care for the Californian counties of Alameda and Sacramento in 2000, the Network of Care quickly grew to over a dozen counties before expanding into the behavioral health field for San Diego County in 2003. The success and growth of these websites eventually led to the development of a suite of Network of Care products and services that are utilized in over 30 states and 600 counties today. Trilogy Integrated Resources continues to improve the platform with a new version expected in the Fall of 2018.


Bruce Bronzan

Bruce Bronzan, President

Bruce Bronzan has a long and exceptional career in the health and social-service arena. He was a county mental-health program director, and then served as a county supervisor for eight years as the lead for all health and human-services programs. He was a member of the California State Legislature for 10 years and chairman of the Health Committee and the Select Committee on Mental Health. Mr. Bronzan authored more than 100 major pieces of legislation, including the first “parity” bill in the nation, along with major efforts in aging and long-term care, health, mental health, disabilities and kids at risk. Mr. Bronzan was honored numerous times for his work in health and social services, including receiving the first Jacob Javits Award in New York for advancing the cause of mental health.

Afshin Khosravi

Afshin Khosravi, CEO

Afshin Khosravi brings a deep background in international business, computer and Internet technologies, and information system integration to his role as CEO of Trilogy Integrated Resources. His previous venture, Local Communities Network, developed highly innovative and interactive Web sites and virtual online communities for business as well as community-based organizations helping low-income and underserved populations. This included the donation of hundreds of Web sites to nonprofit organizations.